Archon: Gift of Light

This is a brief description of his work to be released. It is currently in the publishing process which takes a little time and plenty of effort to make sure it is the best book for everyone to enjoy.



“As we’ve come to know…”

A prophesy has been made. Many have taken steps to ensure its fulfillment. The time has come. One person has been deemed most worthy to fulfill it. Rodin will become Archon, Terra-Earth’s greatest hero against the Circle of Darkness. But what makes him worthy? What if he doesn’t want to be Archon? After all, he has his land, little brother, and a future wife to take care of. How can he do all that and do all of the great things he’s supposed to be able to do as Archon?


Archon: Gift of Light is a fantasy for those who have a romance for magical worlds with kings, knights in armor, swordplay, magic, mythical monsters, love, tragedy, and mischief with a little more than a touch of humor. It explores the heart of Rodin as he loves, wonders, and explores his old and new life with deep emotion demanding to know what is so special about him that he must take on this new life. He finds that everyone is more accepting of him as Archon than he. A wicked Lord swears his death. A figure in the shadows tells of an attack on him and Terra-Earth. The King of the League of Human causes trouble trying to find him out. The whole time, he is hopelessly in love with the girl he’s known his whole life. He also discovers that, as Archon, he can do great and powerful things to save Terra-Earth.

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