Yes, a Bit of a Hiatus

From vacationing with my sons, fishing, Disney, and a wedding, I took a much-needed break.



Our photo
  Me and my beautiful wife, Cathy.

First, I’d like to thank all my friends and family for the well-wishes. Thank you, all! I am extremely lucky to have such a beautiful woman. 

With everything going on, I had to take time away from my writing and updating. I would apologize, but, hey, “Life happens”. Won’t apologize for it.

Now that everything is done, I will be getting back down to business.

I recently found out that Archon: Gift of Light has received a lot of attention, but not the distribution I was hoping to get out of it. A lot of you have come to this site, checked out what was being said, and you clicked the Purchase Your Copy link, but forgot to “Purchase Your Copy”. That’s okay! 😉 You can still get your copy today! It is available in paperback. If you wish to save some $$ then get your copy for lower cost in the form of your favorite e-reader! Kindle! Nook! iBookstore! Any way you download it and read it, you can get it!

Did you know you can go to Books-A-Million and order it from them? Even Barnes & Noble will order a copy for you!


Just so you know…

I am currently working to finish Archon: Circles’ Relics as fast as I can. For those of you NOT in the writing world, “This sh&@ is hard work!”. I love it. Yes, it’s not only a lengthy process but it also a time-consuming process. I’ve hit a few snags along the way, made some updates, changed some chapters, added/removed characters, and so much more. No worries. I will have it done for you all.

I am also trying to figure out where my sci-fi manuscript is going to go. I have my characters set, the major story plot, the supporting characters, and the minor details working. I need to get down to the major details and make this a very competent manuscript.

In the meantime, thank you all for your support in all things Archon. I also want to thank you all for the well-wishes in my marriage.


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