Switching Gears

Well, Archon has been a great start to showing me how to begin a writing career, but now I must continue this with more works. Let’s talk about what I am currently working on. (I still want everyone to get their copy of Archon for $9.99 on Kindle e-Book – WRITE A REVIEW! PLEASE!)

Do you like Science-Fiction? Do you like Action?  How about Romance? How about Humor? How about a Science-Fiction with Action, Romance, and Comedy rolled into one? You do? Cool! I am working on that RIGHT NOW

Without giving up too much information, this is a Science-Fiction about a man with an unusual name who has lived the life in the spotlight since birth. He grows up living with aliens that saved Earth from being conquered by another group of aliens who came here because of a failed science experiment (dumbass). He and a group of other geniuses from around the world embark on a journey to his alien family home world several thousands of lightyears away.

He befriends and leads them all against many dangers along the journey, and falls in love with someone he thought he couldn’t stand and eventually marries her. After a few months into the journey he discovers a secret about the human race. A secret the planetary military wishes to never divulge because it would ruin their plans of interplanetary domination. It is also a secret his own family has known since meeting the people of Earth.

I am still in the draft stage of this manuscript. I’ll continue to introduce more information as I get closer to releasing this. I have a working title, but I’m holding off on letting everyone know for now. Until then, go to Amazon.com and download your copy of “Archon: Gift of Light” Kindle Edition for just $9.99 and enjoy the first of what is hoped to be MANY in my storytelling adventures. LEAVE A REVIEW! PLEASE! 

-L.S. Quail


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