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Where did it go?

Archon: Gift of Light has been temporarily pulled from publishing!

I would like to formally apologize to those of you who have read Archon: Gift of Light.

After a couple of years battling a cold while downing quite a few bottles of cold meds (I told you, “coherent thought inhibitors” and that’s my excuse), I had to pull the book. I found that money well spent was not well used. I was hoping for some editing help (’cause that’s what I was promised) and received very little. I was also told that I was to be receiving help in the area of marketing (again… it was what I was promised) and not being told to research marketing myself through their own various channels (Really? Was that what I paid for?). I should have been paying more attention when I received a “finished” product. Ugh! It was ugly. I mean… “F”-ugly.

So, after contacting the publisher when my contract term ended, I allowed our mutual work come to a close. Therefore… all current copies have been pulled from publishing production.

On the bright side…

I have taken it upon myself to edit and rework the book. I love the Archon story-line, and I want everyone else to love it as well.

After spending the necessary time, I will have a whole new version published that will be exclusively available through Amazon Kindle!

In the meantime…

Continue watching my website http://www.LSQuail.com for updates on it’s re-release as well as any news related to Chronicles of Human Being: Being, Human.

Have fun and remember… SMILE! 😊

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  1. Aww…that’s too bad! What’s this world coming to? Looking forward to updates on this new avenue for your awesome book, Archon: Gift of Light!!

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