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So, Let’s Go Over This Real Quick

1. I am LS Quail.

As you can see in the “About Me” area, I like to write. With that being said, I may just pop a short story just for everyone to read📃. Critique it if you like (I know some of you are natural born critics, and your opinions are about as awesome as fly fart🤨), but I’m still gonna do it. I’m also very opinionated about certain things, and to some of you, I might come off as a bit of an ass. I’m not really a d**k😇! I just feel like getting things off my chest sometimes🤬. And I also poke fun at a lot of things, people, and places. Especially Kentucky where incest is relative👅.

2. No! I don’t wanna a “Hook Up”!

Don’t come on here and try advertising whatever sex site you’re showing your udders or swinging…

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