New Year’s Resolution As An Author/Writer/Storyteller

I know! It’s only October!

I am working to put together everything I need to get my work published. From Archon to Human Being is being handled as best as I can right now.

It all takes time, patience, and money (!) (not as much, but still). After all of the research I’ve been doing, I’ve decided to create a goal. A resolution, if you will, for my life to be the Author/Writer/Storyteller I will become.

So, tell us already!

“I hereby pledge to you and me that I will publish more works each year. I will make these works enjoyable, and will be properly produced as professionally as I can possibly make them.”

I will continue with my shorties, but this pledge is for major works into physicall and e-book formats.

I’m tell you guys and girls, I really do enjoy writing. It can be tedious (with a capital “PAIN-IN-THE-ASS”-Tedious). But, hey, in the end, I’m having so much fun doing this. Why would I stop?

Even now, as I’m working and waiting, wworking and waiting, et cetera, I have bbegun some short novels to fit between my major novels. Oh, this is going to he so much fun! No, really. I’m ttruly excited about this upcoming year. And as long as I have you all backing me up, I will be elated.

So, thank you!

Seriously. Thank you.

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