Chronicles of Human Being: Being, Human

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“I have been raised by an alien since birth. I consider myself one of them even though I am reminded I’m human whenever people say my name. I am Human Being.”


Chronicles of Human Being: Being, Human is an adult Science Fiction drama filled with space travel, action, romance, and some extremely snarky humor. Would I recommend this to younger audiences? Oh, hell no! Humie and his friends would make a sailor join the convent.

Human Being, world celebrity, genius, a nice guy, an asshole when required, has gruduated as Valedictorian of his school and returns home to celebrate his accomplishments to find that he and other geniuses around the world have been selected to be the Earth’s first space traveler’s to go to the angel homeworld; a planet human’s have named Heaven, but Human and the others discover the ride to Heaven isn’t what is seems. They have all been forced to join a military government that has taken over the Two Worlds and train to become the Interplanetary Force’s (IF) most elite space fighters called Wolpack.

At first there’s resistance. Through manipulation and certain discoveries, Human convinces everyone to train hard and become the elite fighters they are wished to be. All the while, Human falls in love with a woman that desires him for who he is and not the millionaire celebrity he has always been. He discovers secrets so astonishing that could destroy the hold the IF has over the Two Worlds if revealed. Secrets that has put he and his family/pod in danger as well as anyone that finds out. Can he and his crew stop the coming threat that is awaiting them when they arrive at Heaven?

Let’s talk about the aliens the humans have dubbed as angels.

This is a exert of CHRONICLES OF HUMAN BEING: BEING, HUMAN eplaining the aliens now living amongst humans on Earth after saving them from an attempted extermination from beings called horde. All Copyright laws apply to the following exert.

The angels are not angels in the Biblical sense, but more in the context of being “saviors”. They are considered to be a godsend for saving the entire human race. They don’t look anything like the angels from the artwork and publications depicting those heavenly servants of God. They don’t have wings. No halos. They don’t look like innocent little children. They don’t even look human for that matter. I’ve seen through books and films about animals of the sea. I’d say they look more like the beluga whales than anything I can describe living here on Earth.

Their bodies are more of an aqua color. They vary in many shades of the color with shimmers of an eclectic mix of rainbows. They are identifiable by their body shape and how the colors blend around their bodies. They are extraordinarily beautiful when the sun reflects from their bodies. They are even more impressive when they swim in their crisp saline pools. They say the salt content of Earth’s oceans is much denser than their planetary oceans. So, they enjoy the fact that we have saline pools that they can manipulate for their individual saltwater needs.

Their heads resemble the belugas’ except their sinus openings aren’t situated behind their melons but in the center of their faces like that of humans. They have necks like the belugas too. Just like their aquatic counterparts, they have dorsal ridges that also can be used to distinguish them from others. Their lower bodies separate into fat legs with knees, and their feet are comprehensive and very flexible like flippers that make them fast swimmers and allow them to walk on land.  Their arms end with palmed fins that have two opposable thumbs and four fat, nubby fingers.  They have two thumbs. They have gills and can survive underwater. Unfortunately, they have half the lifespan of humans. I’m twenty-five. My mom is thirty-two. I’m not looking forward to her time. She’s too fantastic to live to be only forty-five to sixty years of age.

Mommy and several thousand angels decided to stay on Earth to help rebuild and improve lives through the sharing of technology. A separate body of combined countries and angels was formed to delegate relations and the integration of humans and angels on Earth. They called themselves the Human/Angelic Leadership Organization, or HALO. Some human delegates were chosen to go to Heaven with those angels that chose to return home. They formed HALO there as well to help them understand and work with humans. Soon, HALO began referring to Earth and Heaven as “the Two Worlds. Mommy was chosen to be the lead angel representative on Earth by her mother, the Primary of Heaven. 

The angels call their home the People’s World in Song, but humans call it Heaven. When humans explained the meaning of Heaven to them after they were pointed to their people’s home planet, the angels were humbled and graciously accepted the title.

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