About L.S. Quail


What else can he say about doing what he loves to do best?

L.S. Quail was born in Coral Gables, Florida and was raised all over the East Coast. He now considers the beautiful city of Sarasota, Florida home. He has two grown son, Cruise and Jax, and one teenage step-son, Logan. (Boys! Am I right?) He is married to a beautiful young, woman named Cathy who he has known since 3rd Grade, and has EIGHT! dogs.

He enjoys writing very much. He considers it his dream to one day become an author and live the life of writing as a profession. He has previously published a Fantasy titled Archon: Gift of Light and used it as an experience to learn a very hard lesson about the life of writing. See Experiences Learned Throughout My Writing Journey.

As a storyteller. L. S. Quail is also an audiobook narrator and would love to tell your stories as well! Click here to find out more!

He currently publishes short stories that anyone can read on his website Shortstories4u2share.com. He encourages everyone to “Read”, “Like”, “Comment”, and “Share” at the bottom of each of what he calls, “shorties”.