This is my official webpage for all things I have and will publish.

I do own another webpage where I write short stories for those that are looking for interesting short reads called shortstories4u2share.com. I recommend Interstellar Stellar Racing Chapionship as a fun read. One thing, please read the “My Blog Expectations” page because it very well will hold true here.

I wrote Archon: Gift of Light as my first book to introduce myself into the Fantasy world of literature. I enjoyed writing this book so much. I love my characters (especially Logan) and creating their own personalities. The hardest part was trying not to get too carried away with their mischievous ways. I am currently drafting the second book that I will announce as soon I finish. The Archon series will become a 4-part set when his story is done. I am also looking to get into the genres of urban-fantasy, sci-fi, and young fantasy. I am looking forward to making writing my fullest-time job.

I read sci-fi and fantasies like crazy. I love zombies, vampires, dragons, magicians, elves, and Stephen King. My favorite is The Stand and The Dark Tower series. Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas series is also a favorite of mine. I also love the hell out of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. If you must ask, I will always treasure To Kill A Mockingbird. It is a book I highly recommend to anyone that hasn’t read it yet (what do you mean you haven’t read it yet?). If you haven’t read any of them yet, you’ve got to check out Shayne Silver’s Nate Temple Series (F***ing Carl!). Oh, and to all you sci-fi fans… Star Trek! All of them. I do admit that I enjoy Star Wars.

I look forward to popping my headphones into my ears and just writing till I crash on the keyboard due to the lack of intake of caffeine. (Dear gods of coffee, please never let your nectar run dry. Amen.) I love to read. Aloud. It drives my wife, Cathy, insane (She always asks, “What the hell are you talking about?”). I will also read something quietly and start snickering over what I’ve read or written. That also has the same effect on her (I’m just silly that way). I even get those “he’s gone crazy” glances from co-workers when I’ve thought of something that just needs to be written down. I have an active imagination that I keep bottled up into my writing. I try to keep my ideas new and hopefully not something that will bore folks.

On a personal ending, I live in the ever so beautiful area of Sarasota, Florida. I have two amazing grown sons that make me so proud. I am wed to a beautiful woman named Cathy since August 2017. She has a wonderful son that I also love. I love the beaches of Siesta Key. We don’t spend a lot of time at home. We’re always out walking and enjoying the scenes of St. Armands Circle, the mall of UTC, Anna Maria Island, Lido Key, or driving to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, or just about anywhere we can go. We also like to NOT decide on a place to have lunch or dinner. Whenever I can find the time off (Damn! What is that?), I love me some fishing. When I do go, I’m generally on the South Sunshine Skyway Pier.

Please “Like” and “Share” this site with all of your friends and family. Also, I love to see comments (please refer to “My Blog Expectations” on shortstories4u2share.com if you haven’t already. They really will apply to this site as well). I look forward to hearing from everyone. As soon as it is released, I will add links for your favorite e-reader and where you can buy a physical copy as well. You can also e-mail me at LSQuail@lsquail.com.

Have fun, and remember… Smile! (yes, I made it up, and no, you can’t steal it)

-L. S. Quail

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  2. Melissa Justice

    Archon: Gift of light was a wonderful fantasy book. I was fully engulfed in the magical world of Terra Earth and all that it entails. It was full of adventure and love, and it is definitely a book that I recommend to all of my friends. I look forward to the next book in the series.

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  4. Charlesesows

    lsquail.com Hey Kind tidings ! an foremostprovide
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  5. Samantha Quail

    I read Archon:Gift of Light in one sitting and loved it!..Like nothing I’ve ever read before.Looking forward to more!!

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  6. L. S. Quail’s short stories are awesome! I love your humor and imagination! Can’t wait to read more!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Kathy Akin

    Love your blog about what you’ve done and what the future holds. So excited for you and your writing adventures, I wish you well


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