Audiobook Productions

Providing a more affordable service for the Indie Published world

Currently OPEN To Offers

Keep watch here to find out if I am available to offers and discover rates.

As an Independant Author myself, I know how much of a burden it is not being able to afford services for Audiobook formats, and finding an audiobook narrator that takes the job seriously.

My mission is to provide authors who want to broaden their availability to their readers by giving them the Audiobook option through a professional and affordable service.

That is why I have decided to go with the price of my services as I have. I’m not trying to outdo all the other narrators out there (although, now that I think about it…), but because I know how hard it is to come up with the funds to pay for audiobook services as a working author that has a “get a real job” just to make ends meet as I try to turn this into a “this is a real job!”

My studio

I have a home studio setup. I have my own soundproof studio that I have put together to ensure all outside noises don’t bleed into my recodings. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about low flying airplanes (I live in their flight path), my neighbor’s dump truck, delivery trucks, Florida thunderstorms, and those annoying kids that drive by with their music blaring! So, I just have to pause, take a breath to soothe the annoyed nerves, and wait until the annoyance passes by.

As far as equipment goes, my computer is actually an Acer Nitro 5 (why a gaming computer? because I don’t have to worry about the processors slowing me down). My audio interface is the Audient iD4. I use the DBX 286s as my preamp/processor. I have this dialed in to work with my voice so that I don’t have to waste unnecessary time editing the sound of my work, and I can focus more on the work itself. My microphone is the Lewitt LCT 440 Pure. I love this microphone! It works so well with my voice. I use Audacity as my DAW software (Digital Audio Workstation). Just because it’s free doesn’t mean the quality is bad. Actually, the focus of the design is for Audiobook narrators. Especially those that require the standards of audiobook providers such as Audible which is just one of the audiobook productions sites where I provide my work. I also have a profile set up with Findaway Voices.

Professional Industry Standards

Quality recordings make Audiobooks special for the listener. No one wants to hear children playing, dogs barking, or other mistakenly recorded noises that distract them from the enjoyment of the story. That is why I work hard to provide the best sound environment for you to give your listeners the very best Audiobook experience.

I impress upon each and every character of your story their own voice and act out how each of them would act and react throughout the narration. (There are no robots here! – um… unless there are.)

Industry standards are required throughout all audiobook providers. These standards are stringent and are there so your listener can enjoy the story around them with the best studio quality no matter where they buy your Audiobook.

Click the link to learn more about these standards and what I can do for you.


The narration is well done and clear, with voice acting (rather than just reading) of multiple characters of both sexes. The different voices were easy to distinguish while listening in my car. In general, the narration moved the story along nicely and was not particularly noticeable, which to me is a sign of a job well done.

— Paul Sterman for Sleeping With Shadows by Cassie Ryan

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